Alarm Systems

Smart, wireless Incredibly Intelligent and fully responsive Alarm Systems.

No wires, no worries. Wireless security system for ultimate protection.

We Offer The Complete Range Of Self Install Ajax Wireless Alarm Systems

Ajax is smart, reliable, and lightning-fast. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms.  If anything happens, Ajax will notify you in a heartbeat and help prevent massive troubles.

The Ajax Wireless Intruder alarm system is the most awarded alarm system in Europe

Ajax is an installer class, wireless security system that protects against, Instructions, Fires, and Floods and allows users to directly control alerts and electrical appliances from a Mobile App. The system responds immediately to threats informing you and the security company about any incident within 1 second.
Perimiter Protection
  • Protects Internal Space
  • Protects External Space
Third Party Integration
  • Integrate CCTV system
  • Integrate Appliences & Lighting
Finance & Risk
  • Client relationship
  • Front-Office Productivity
Fire Detection
  • Detects & Alerts Fire
  • Monitors Corbon Monoxide
Central Monitoring
  • Alert Protocols
  • Variety Of Alert Options
Prevents flooding
  • Monitors Flooding
  • Alerts flooding

    Wireless Alarm System

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    and our wireless alarm systems

    Great Service For Our Customers

    Our customers are our business
    We offer free quotations and home security surveys
    We are Security Experts who take pride in Delivering quality solutions
    Our High Definition images are crystal clear day or night
    We install a complete home security solution for your home or business
    We are always respectful of our customer's needs & comments
    We are a local business supporting local customers

    What We Are Known For

    Our Alarm Systems are reliable and resilient to attacks. We ensure our customers are kept informed via alerts on a mobile app, whilst central monitoring stations ensure the integrity of your home or business.